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AP Sawmill & Lumber Products, LLC is a locally owned and operated sawmill located in Flagstaff, Arizona since 2003. ​

We mill and sell locally harvested Ponderosa Pine and various other local wood species.

We are able to provide customized service to fit almost any special project.


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          AP Sawmill & Lumber Products, LLC is a locally owned and operated small sawmill located in Flagstaff, Arizona since 2003.  The logs we process are salvaged from private and public land during pre-construction clearings, fuels-reduction treatments, and hazard removals. The logs we save and mill locally would otherwise be ground for woodchips, cut for firewood, or shipped to a larger sawmill several hundred miles away.


          The machinery used to process these logs utilizes thin-kerf technology to maximize yield and grade from every log.  We have the privilege to saw high grade logs and in turn produce a wide range of quality lumber products including fencing, siding, barn wood, flooring, cabinetry, furniture, and finish lumber.  The production of our building materials involves the collaboration of as many as six local small businesses including the arborist, transport driver, sawmill operator, kiln drying, molding shop, and the builder/installer.  We are proud of this collaborative effort within our community.

          Owner Silas Page grew up in Flagstaff and attended Northern Arizona University where he studied biology and worked in an ecology lab.  Silas has over 17 years experience in the lumber industry and is able to provide a unique product for the local and regional market.  AP Sawmill & Lumber Products, LLC is dedicated to the thoughtful utilization of local resources.  Give us a call today to find out more about our unique lumber products.


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